JUNE 2020

Parish Nurse Wellness Tip

June 2021



June is Alzheimer’s Disease and Brain Awareness Month. I’m sure many are familiar with the label of dementia which is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of symptoms that are related to memory skills. If you have a relative or friend who has any type of dementia, you know how difficult life becomes for that person and the family.


There is so much that is still unknown about dementia. Brains that have been donated to science after death reveals evidence of dementia with people that showed no signs of dementia when they were living and the opposite, brains that showed no sign of dementia but the person had severe symptoms while alive.


There are many ways we can be proactive to help prevent dementia. Dementia is not part of aging. Eating vegetables, nuts, berries, olive oil, fish and cutting down on red meats. Getting plenty of exercise and good sleep.


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Have a healthy June!






Dana Topliff MPA, BSN, RN

Parish Nurse