JUNE 2020

Parish Nurse Wellness Tip


July 2020



We are now in July and the Coronavirus is still out there, in fact spreading more than ever since “opening up.” I know everyone including myself is tired of the sheltering, and living in a state of unknown. Yet, we all need to continue to be respectful of all , physical distance ourselves and now wear masks whenever indoors.


I actually wanted to talk about wearing a mask. I’ve heard from many that people are not wearing their masks properly. So, to wear a mask properly you need to make sure it fits your face and covers your nose and mouth. I guess many people are walking around with it only over their mouths and in order to prevent droplets from coming into your body (through your nose, mouth or eyes) or to prevent you from spreading your droplets, it needs to be covering both the nose and mouth.


We all need to keep praying for this virus to be contained and for our doctors and researchers to come up with an effective vaccine and or cure. I know God has a plan and we might not know what that is at this time, but He knows the future and we need to have faith that He is leading us to whatever that will be.


I hope you have a healthy and safe July!



Dana Topliff MPA, BSN, RN

Parish Nurse

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