JUNE 2020

Parish Nurse Wellness Tip

August 2022


August is National Wellness Month and I thought it was a good time to review ways to keep us well. Since wellness includes the body, mind, and spirit, we must include all areas to be well as a whole human being.


These last few years have been rough on us with the pandemic, politics, and disasters! I know that spiritually for me, if I read the bible and focus on God’s word and Jesus, I feel much better and I have the strength to get through another day. For my body, I exercise consistently and rest as needed as well as follow a healthy diet. My mind is challenged by reading, playing sports and learning something new. These are just a few examples of what helps me stay well.


This month I challenge you to think about your wellness and maybe be thankful for the things you are doing and work on some new things to improve or keep your whole being well.


Go to the link below to learn more about wellness.




As you know, COVID-19 Omicron variants are still going strong. If you have not been vaccinated please get vaccinated and if you are not boosted and are eligible please get your booster. As of now, we have 90% less hospitalizations nationwide from COVID and that is good news. The vaccines and boosters have prevented severe disease and hospitalization. We still need to be smart and wear a mask when in crowded areas and if you do get COVID, you can go to http://stcharleshealthcare.org fill out the questionnaire and make an appointment to see a provider who will help you decide if you need to take an antiviral medicine if needed free.



Have a great August!


Dana Topliff MPR, BSN, RN

Parish Nurse