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Parish Nurse Wellness Tip

January 2021







We are finally in a new year that has great promise with the new vaccine for COVID-19. I hope your Christmas was merry despite all the many problems we are living through this year. My prayer is that we all focus on the positive and continue to be safe.


I thought it only appropriate to write about the COVID-19 vaccine so all are informed from a reliable source. The experts are stating that all need to get the vaccine so we can eliminate this virus. The essential workers and medical staff as well as leaders of our nation are being vaccinated first and then we will all get the opportunity to be vaccinated. It is important that all know that the experts such as Dr. Fauci, has stated that there were no shortcuts to the process of making this vaccine as far as safety and that all must feel confident that it is needed to finally eradicate this virus.


What we can do right now is continue to wear our masks, physically distance from others and wash our hands. It will take a while to get everyone vaccinated and we must keep vigilant so we do not spread or become infected. It is so important to not give up or get tired now. We’ve come this far and we need to stay the course. God is always with us and guiding us and we must trust that things will get back to a more “normal” way again even if that normal is a bit different.


Please go to the links below to learn more about the vaccine from two reliable sources.









Happy New Year!



Dana Topliff MPA, BSN, RN

Parish Nurse

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