JUNE 2020

Parish Nurse Wellness Tip

October 2021





I recently went to the coast and while traveling back I admired all the beautiful foliage! With all the trees and shrubs changing colors (reds, corals, yellows) it was so beautiful it really lifted my mood and soothed me emotionally. With so much happening in our world, it was so nice to get lost in the Fall colors. Thank you Lord!


October is Emotional Wellness Month. Emotions affect us mentally, physically and spiritually. If we are stressed emotionally it can weaken our immune system. The goal this month for all of us is to check in with our emotional well-being and take note as to how we feel and what we can do to improve our emotional health. Go to the link below to learn more.





COVID-19 the original and the Delta variant is still with us and probably will be for some time. If you have not been vaccinated please get vaccinated to help prevent you from getting it and to prevent the spread of this virus. As of this week boosters are available for those 65 years and older, front-line workers, teachers, nurses etc. Go to the link below to find out more. Stay safe, wear your mask, and continue to follow the CDC guidelines.




Have a great October!



Dana Topliff MPA, BSN, RN

Parish Nurse