JUNE 2020

Parish Nurse Wellness Tip

October 2020



Fall is here and and being revealed by the appearance of beautiful yellow, red and brown leaves on the trees. Yes, we are still in a pandemic, and things have not really improved much, in fact, we are probably heading for a second wave of COVID-19! On top of a pandemic, we have an election coming, and we have raging fires all over the West. It is difficult to stay emotionally well.


I know God has a plan and will lead us and guide us as to His will. It is important to continue praying and continue following what the physicians and scientist are telling us as far as wearing a mask, staying distant from each other and washing our hands. It is so easy to get lazy and feel like just giving up because we are tired of it all. Things will get better and we will eventually be back to a more “normal” life in due time.


Last month I talked about stress and ways to cope. Well, this month is actually Emotional Wellness Month, so I thought it would be great for everyone to learn more about emotional wellness and it seems appropriate for the time we are living in now. Go to the link below to find out more. https://nationaltoday.com/emotional-wellness-month/



Have a great October!


Dana Topliff MPA, BSN, RN

Parish Nurse

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