Pastor’s Message


The rules are simple. The rules are non-negotiable. All the decisions are final. When someone calls ‘dibs’ on the last piece of pizza, the last brownie, the good car seat, or what show to watch on Netflix, the decree has been set in stone. Just like baseball, there is no crying over who called dibs. I don’t know how the term became so universally concrete, but as a parent who has often worried about how to deal with the upcoming unfairness of an odd number of M&Ms with two kids, the calling of “dibs” has been incredibly useful.

At its core, the game of calling “dibs” only works with desired resources. If it’s used for something in great supply, common, or undesired you will only get a strange look for invoking “dibs.” Try calling dibs on a cup of tap water sometime and watch the skewed eyebrows fly!

One of the greatest misconceptions of faith is that we have to call “dibs” on God’s love for us as if it is a limited resource. It certainly feels comforting to think “Phew! I have my slice of the God-loves-you pie!” But the flip side is the fear associated with not being fast enough, not being first, not getting a slice! Also, the inevitable question arises later of “Those poor chaps who were too slow, or didn’t even know to call dibs, I wonder if God loves them too?”

God’s love is steadfast and endures FOREVER! (Psalm 117 and others) God’s love is everlasting! (Jeremiah 31) God is love, (1 John 4) and nothing can separate us from God’s love in Christ Jesus! (Romans 8). Forever, everlasting, inseparable: These are the terms we used to describe God’s love.

To put it simply, someone already called “dibs” on whether you are loved by God. I am sorry to let you know, it wasn’t you. You weren’t fast enough. I’m happy to let you know it was God! God called “dibs” on you!

Peace, Pastor Andrew